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As North America’s leading Team Systems Coaching, Consulting and Training company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, works with business owners to create exponential wealth, abundance, while enjoying a lifestyle of their choosing. Utilizing the strength of KBCC systems, and/or training from Kathleen Black in their everyday business, clients have gone from solo producers to teams of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1000+ deals per year.

Helping Realtors

We have consistently shown unprecedented results in helping clients build powerhouse real estate teams thriving with over 75% of our clients representing top 1% production levels in their market, and national levels. Clients who have built their teams using KBCC or Kathleen Black to implement systems for advanced organizational, management, compensation, and conversion systems rank amongst the top 1% in their market places, and more important have built teams that attract natural talent and retain top producing team members.
Once the foundation for a strong team has been secured, we shift focus towards a holistic view of team achievement. With the understanding that everyone performs best when they identify and cultivate their unique abilities, we can then cast a vision for the strength required to grow your team. This is where powerhouse teams thrive. They partner with uniqueness by discovering the unique talents missing in their business. They then find the right candidates using our advanced recruitment tools, which sift and sort to discover the right personality style, talents, and strengths for the position required. This is then combined with in-depth training on tried, tested, and true systems to ensure a healthy return on your marketing dollars spent.

Kathleen Black Top 1% Life Awards

The Top 1% Award Winners are recognized as having consistent & exceptional production volume, while also representing invaluable leadership. Our sincere congratulations to you all.
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Kathleen Black Icon Awards

High Performance Teams Award Winners

The Industry Icons winners are recognized as having consistent & exceptional production volume, while also representing invaluable industry leadership. Our sincere congratulations to you all! ...
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2019 Award Winners

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting’s 2019 MVP’s Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting MVP’s honoured for exceptional production growth. Recognizes exceptional growth & leadership across our ...
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