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As North America’s leading Team Systems Coaching, Consulting and Training company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, works with business owners to create exponential wealth, abundance, while enjoying a lifestyle of their choosing. Utilizing the strength of KBCC systems, and/or training from Kathleen Black in their everyday business, clients have gone from solo producers to teams of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1000+ deals per year.

Helping Realtors

We have consistently shown unprecedented results in helping clients build powerhouse real estate teams thriving with over 75% of our clients representing top 1% production levels in their market, and national levels. Clients who have built their teams using KBCC or Kathleen Black to implement systems for advanced organizational, management, compensation, and conversion systems rank amongst the top 1% in their market places, and more important have built teams that attract natural talent and retain top producing team members.
Once the foundation for a strong team has been secured, we shift focus towards a holistic view of team achievement. With the understanding that everyone performs best when they identify and cultivate their unique abilities, we can then cast a vision for the strength required to grow your team. This is where powerhouse teams thrive. They partner with uniqueness by discovering the unique talents missing in their business. They then find the right candidates using our advanced recruitment tools, which sift and sort to discover the right personality style, talents, and strengths for the position required. This is then combined with in-depth training on tried, tested, and true systems to ensure a healthy return on your marketing dollars spent.

Amazing success stories that continue to inspire us every day

Our staff is dedicated to inspire, encourage, challenge and elevate those we work with by offering proven, personalized solutions to transform potential into prosperity.

Mark Faris

Top 1% Nationally
Started working with Kathleen’s coaching teams as a small team of 4 members. They implemented Recruiting, Onboarding: New Recruit Training, Team Compensation Models, Inside Sales, Buyer Consultation, Lead Conversion, and Team Structure & other Expansion systems.

Peggy Hill

Top 1% Nationally
“We have had many coaches but none who were able to listen and hone in to what exactly it was that our team needed and to give the guidance necessary to propel us to the next level. We saw an increase in production, confidence, and overall efficiency during our coaching with Kathleen. I would highly recommend Kathleen Black. Her leadership skills are second to none”

Emily Barry

Top 1% Nationally
“There is so much different advice and Kathleen knows what you need. The value she brings is just huge. When I started my team I had very little direction & I wish I could go back a few years ago to take all of this knowledge and not make the mistakes I made. My biggest advice is not to rush into it, get a coach and attend the Kathleen Black Event. You will start your team with a lot more knowledge and avoid some mistakes some of us did make. My coach I trust 100 percent what she tells me is absolutely going to help me. She is tough on me and that’s what I personally need with the coaching system.”

Mike Radcliffe

Top 1% Nationally
“I met Kathleen at a Century 21 event in Quebec and promptly began working with her and her team in implementing the tools and mindsets for exponential growth. Kathleen has an endless supply of systems and online tools to help me expand and grow my team. I am ever excited to work with the KBCC team and soak in as much education as possible, with an eye towards implementing my learnings with my own business.”

Nick & Andrea Davies

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen Black and her team will definitely elevate your career!”

Rachel Hammer

Top 1% Nationally
“The results of my experience with KBCC has been truly extraordinary, it happened with a goal, a plan and a great coach! KBCC helped me see my potential, guided me through an incredible journey and helped me find growth and opportunity within my business. A little over a year ago, I would never have imagined where my business is today and it would never have happened without KBCC”

Jeremy Zdrill

Top 1% Nationally
“Coaching … I don’t know where we would be without it. The strategies, the pay structure. They have seen and heard it all. So when we take our issues to our Coach, they know exactly how to fix them or set us on the right course.”

Jay Miller

Top 1% Nationally
“Having worked with one of the coaches at KBCC, I know that there is incredible insight available on systems, scripts, team building and much more. I’m happy to be part of KBCC!”

Jeff Nethercott

Top 1% Nationally
“Their Coaching systems have been great. It has really been helping us as a team zone in on systems, strengths and what the next steps will be. Really helping us to see really where the next steps go before they happen. Being in a growth phase of a business its been great to lean on them and their systems.”

Aj Jazzi

Top 1% Nationally
Using the KBCC systems AJ Hazzi went from working as an individual agent to having a team of 7 and have consistently reached top production levels for team in their marketplace. The team is now housed at Vantage West Realty, a boutique style brokerage serving the team concept with a focus of superior services for their clients, and an elevated lifestyle for the team members.

Linda Lavender

"Excellent coaching service for advancing your realtor career."

Lucia Macedo

"Kathleen Black's passion for coaching is evident. Her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge sets her apart in the coaching industry. Our top producing agents at Royal LePage Supreme Realty left her recent training session feeling empowered, motivated, and more self-aware. We would highly recommend Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. to anyone looking to elevate their life and career. Thank you, Kathleen, for the invaluable insights and guidance-we cannot wait until your next event!

Mike Heddle

Top 1% Nationally
“KBCC coaching made a quick impact in my business. Having a sounding board of someone with experience and a new point of view allows me to have superior confidence in the systems I implement and the focus of my team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with KBCC by my side.”

Paul Baron

Top 1% Nationally
“I am always looking for the best in the industry, and we found that with Kathleen. I am spending significant money on online lead generation, and the only agents I provide leads have completed Kathleen’s Elite Business Training. Why give leads to agents that close 2/10, when you can give them to agents that close 8/10.”

Dan Plowman

Top 1% Nationally
Dan’s team has been ranked consistently at the top 1% ​in their service area​. Although TREB is a competitive board filled with top producers, Dan’s team​, which Kathleen coached and trained​ for several years, has been selling approximately 250 to 300 homes on average per year for the last decade straight and cultivating a phenomenal 50% of business directly from online sources.

Thomas Ferianec & Franced Dares

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen’s coaching program came highly recommended and since joining, we’ve been able to identify and improve areas in our own business that needed attention. Thanks to Kathleen and her team, we are on pace to meet our long-term objectives as a successful, top-performing real estate team”

Rob Golfi

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen is the best coach and the longest coach that I’ve ever used in my entire Real Estate Career. Thank you Kathleen for a job very well done!”

Reale Rose

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen Black’s Elite Business Builder series has been truly amazing. The Feeder team and I have learned a tremendous amount from the system that she has taught us. What Kathleen has done for me, as the principal broker, cannot be replicated. Kathleen is developing the Real Estate Agent of the 21st Century”

Chris Costabile

Top 1% Nationally
“I was skeptical to say the least to follow someone else’s “systems” that wouldn’t work for our team dynamic, but our team has seen unbelievable results since coaching began with KBCC. Everything is made simple which helps keep the team members involved and focused. We look forward in continued success with KBCC and truly blessed to be included in an elite circle of networking that’s offered as well.”

Dan Gemus

Top 1% Nationally
“Our team has seen unbelievable results since coaching began with Kathleen! Kathleen’s approach to the industry is revolutionary. Everything is made simple which helps keep the team members involved and focused. There’s no question Kathleen knows her stuff! “

Cintia De Aguiar

Top 1% Nationally
“I love systems and love everything systemized, and Kathleen has an approach where it is all about systems. The business is much more scalable if you do have systems. I have been coaching with Kathleen since 2010. I enjoy the authenticity and just how open and honest Kathleen with feedback and solutions.”

Dean Tubekis

Top 1% Nationally
“Been with them the last 10 months, which has made a huge tremendous impact in my business and will continue to keep coaching with them.”Kathleen with feedback and solutions.”

Ariana Chhina

Top 1% Nationally
“KBCC has helped me to succeed in my first year in the business and surpass my goals. The scripting, systems and organization implemented will be tools that will help me thrive for years to come.”

Tony Kalsi

Top 1% Nationally
“In a short two-year time-span with Kathleen, my business has more than doubled while increasing profitability, with my ranking rising to #1 in my district.”

Krystal Lee Moore

“I am having my best year ever, which is a very big deal. I have had a lot of life changes this year. I was not sure I could do it. The Coaching has really helped me by tracking my numbers by helping me with any questions I may have and giving me some great ideas that I can use throughout my business. It has been very helpful.”

Harry Bozoin

“Coaching has had a huge impact on my business. The Systems are in place, all the scripts that come with it are very valuable. I joined coaching because I had seen that teams are becoming the wave of the future. I called it a few years ago that teams around me would implode, which I watched happen. I was smart enough to know what I did not know. So I decided it was time to figure out if I wanted to build successful team to find out what I did not know and of course that’s coaching and it has been fantastic.”

David Gorski

In an industry that can sometimes feel competitive and overwhelming, Kathleen Black shines as a beacon of positivity and empowerment. Her insights have not only transformed my approach to real estate but also my outlook on life. If you're seeking guidance, motivation, and a role model who embodies the best of what the industry can offer, look no further than Kathleen Black. She's not just a leader; she's a game-changer.

Stacey Falkwin

Top 1% Nationally
“Working with KBCC coaching has provided focused guidance on the growth and success of my team. Without a doubt, I have avoided many snags that would have hindered my success over the past year as a result of their understanding and connection to who we are and what we need. There has never been a scripted response and there is tremendous value in the sound advice and direction they are able to provide from working with some of the top teams in the country.”

Amy Flowers

Top 1% Nationally
“Coaching with KBCC has been invaluable to our entire team. Being able to bounce ideas, formulate systems, and be given overall direction has enabled our team to grow rapidly and smoothly year over year” Started working with Kathleen’s coaching systems as a new team. They implemented Recruiting, Onboarding: New Recruit Training, Team Compensation Models, Inside Sales, Buyer Consultation, Lead Conversion, and Team Structure & other Expansion systems. Amy Flower’s team is consistently Top 10 Nationally for Royal LePage.

Chuck & Melissa Charlton

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen has helped us grow from a husband and wife “team” with a GCI of $330,000, to a team of 7, built our own team office, and we’ve had our best year ever in 2015 with a GCI just over 1.2 million. Kathleen was our “secret weapon” to achieve these results in such a short period of time. Not only is she our teacher, but she is also our biggest supporter. The path to success wasn’t always easy, but whenever we experienced a set back we always knew we could count on Kathleen to point us in the right direction. We are forever grateful to have her in our lives personally and professionally.”

Neil Bayley-Hay

“We expected a lot when we came to Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting, and we have gotten significantly more. The Coaching and Training has helped us create a cohesive unit working toward a common goal. We appreciate all the help KBCC has provided”

Sherif Nathoo

“Kathleen’s amazing Elite Business Builder Training lead me to join the KBCC Coaching program. The accountability and systems are amazing and it truly helps to create a focused approach to my business. It has allowed me the comfort to grow my team and begin a journey towards the life I dream about!

Lindsey Edwards

Top 1% Nationally
“Over the last year I have just about doubled my business from what I had done last year. I hold that to a great amount to my coach!”

Micheal St. Jean

Top 1% Nationally
“Kathleen has been a critical element behind our success. I have known Kathleen for over a decade now, from the point where I knew I wanted something bigger than myself, to now where I have my own brokerage and team where we’re doing over 500 deals a year at this point, and we’re growing every year. The scripts, the training, the systems, the implementation, the business fundamentals really all the foundation needed to treat this as a business. Those are the key strengths that Kathleen brings to the table.”

Caroline Baile

Top 1% Nationally
“I selected KBCC to guide me through the process of building a successful Real Estate Team, and I am VERY glad I did. The road to building a team is a challenging one but with the guidance of KBCC, the process was easier. With KBCC’s help I have built a solid team full of wonderful people and together we will accomplish all of our goals.”

Merrily Hackett

Top 1% Nationally
“When agents wanted information on team building we sought out the experts. As one of Canada’s top brokerages we needed to bring someone in with advanced concepts and leading edge information. Kathleen Black was that person.”

Ryan Hodge

Top 1% Nationally
“I have worked with Kathleen and her team and attribute much of my early success to their effective Team Systems and Lead Conversion Strategies.”

Ash Alles

Top 1% Nationally
“I was at a point in my business where I was looking to grow my team. I was a team of four. I have been with KBCC for 6 months now and I have learned to turn the team into 8 which is a very big accomplishment in my world! The way they structure there coaching program there are a lot of resources built in.”

Chris Fenton

"I've had the privilege of working with some of the top real estate coaches in North America over my career - and I have to say that Kathleen is among the best-of-the-best. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting are very strong when it comes to helping you implement systems into your business. And these systems become the rock solid foundation for your future growth. If you're committed to building a world class business, you want KBCC in your corner"

Century 21

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. has been a tremendous help to us at Century 21 Innovative Brokerage. Her coaching was extremely powerful and provided our agents and staff with her motivating speeches and gave us a powerful insight from an authentic source. Her coaching and consulting company helped us to grow our business and helped our realtors to get more listings. The coaching had a very positive impact on our team members and I would certainly recommend it to other brokerages. Sabbir Chawala and the Century 21 Innovative Realty Broker of Record.

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