Success Magazine Women of Influence – Official Nomination

Discover the inspiring journey of Kathleen Black, a 2023 nominee for the SUCCESS Women of Influence awards, celebrating women who transform lives and transcend boundaries. Join us in honoring her achievements.

In 2023, I had the honour of being nominated for the Women of Influence (WOI) awards by SUCCESS, an accolade that celebrates the indomitable spirit and remarkable achievements of women across the globe. This initiative by SUCCESS is not just an award; it’s a recognition of the tireless efforts, groundbreaking achievements, and transformative impact women have in various spheres of life.

Kathleen Black Nomination

Our team is incredibly proud to share this momentous nomination on Kathleen Black’s blog, providing a gateway to the Success Woman Of Influence website, where the stories of 50 exceptional women, including Kathleen, are featured. These women are not just leaders in their respective fields but also sources of inspiration, embodying the qualities we all admire and strive to emulate.

Why does this nominee deserve to be recognized for the 2023 Women of Influence awards?
As one of North America’s leading business strategists and mindset experts, Kathleen Black has built a thriving, female-led and operated organization dedicated to helping overworked professionals lead happier, healthier lives. She boasts a long track record of accomplishments: She is the founder and CEO of Kathleen Black Inc., she is a sought-after headlining keynote speaker making appearances on the industry’s most notable stages, and she is the subject of the twice Emmy-nominated documentary “The Relentless One,” a film adaptation of her second bestselling book, “Relentless to Rise.” The documentary, which is touring international film festivals, has earned more than 19 festival awards across the globe, inspiring audiences from the U.S. to Sweden and India.

Woman Of Influence 2023 Awards

This nomination is a testament to the belief that the contributions of women should be celebrated year-round, transcending boundaries and continuously impacting lives. It’s a reflection of the trust placed in us, the aspirations we hold, and the extraordinary journey of women who transform lives every day. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone and the endless possibilities it heralds for the future.

Visit WOI Success to see the full list and remarkable stories.

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