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Going from solo to team, we assist you in finding the support you need, whether solo or individual, through hiring and expanding, to leverage help for your business.


Our mission at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) is to empower leaders with the clarity and confidence to build the most efficient, productive, and profitable teams in the world, housed in performance cultures.

Move From Solo-preneur to Team-preneur with Ease

Using KBCC’s best-in-class systems, we help clients expand their businesses from solo ventures into high-performance teams. Thousands of entrepreneurs have trusted our systems to double production, recruit top talent, and achieve top one percent results. In fact, the same methods used for small business development are also responsible for the expansion of iconic brands and high-level businesses with billions in annual sales growth. We implement proven strategies that support rapid and successful growth. With our methods, your business expansion is tailored entirely around you. Our team works with you to leverage the best of your unique talents and strengths so you can spend more time doing what you love, while expanding your business in areas that need support.
Our hiring systems help you target top talent and ensure you recruit the most compatible people for the right roles. We support your development with world-class training and operational systems that make it easier for you to manage multiple positions on your team and enhance the client experience. Our elite suite of systems and business experts enables our clients to multiply their sales performance and build a business that people are excited to work with.
  • Building to Win
  • Strategic Systems to Scale
  • Leverage: Hiring Systems & Support
  • Increase Free Time & Efficiency
  • Efficient, Productive, & Profitable Growth
  • 250K+

This program is ideal for six-figure businesses ready to move into seven-figure performance and production.

The Most Efficient, Productive, & Profitable, Peak Performance Sales Teams In The World

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