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Kathleen Black Inc. specializes in developing high performance leaders with the clarity and confidence to build the most efficient, productive, top-tier teams and businesses in the world.

Step Up And Stay Ahead

Our mission at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) is to empower leaders with the clarity and confidence to build the most efficient, productive, and profitable teams in the world, housed in performance cultures.

Success Models with Predictable Results

Experience how our cutting-edge strategies have accelerated the growth of thousands of teams to achieve billions of dollars in sales volume annually. Supported by our signature expansion model, team leaders undergo a shift from being stuck in overdrive to confidently leading record-breaking teams.
Take massive action in your business with a model proven to increase lead conversions for greater sales potential, synergize teams to reduce workload and achieve higher production, and enhance productivity to free up time so you can invest your energy where it counts.
The more successful you become, the less successful you feel. That’s why we ensure your business is supported by clear-cut systems that save your two most valuable resources: time and energy. Curate your dream team to steerhead sales, produce more in less time, and lead a low-maintenance business that lets you live a life you love.
  • Exceed current benchmarks to achieve multi 7+ figure production
  • Implement premier pay structures and training to recruit top-tier talent
  • Develop fully synergized teams to enable peak performance and personal accountability 
  • Fast track on the most efficient route to success with industry leading support and operational systems
  • Boost conversion rates by at least 30% within six months 
  • Support team roles with access to a high-gear community and expert coaches
  • Best-in-class training resources for you and your team

This program is ideal for seven-figure businesses ready to exceed this benchmark.

With Medium and Large Businesses Our Focus Is Team Expansion

We work with clients to implement KBCC’s best in class systems for sustainable, predictable growth, and consistent top one percent results. Thousands of business leaders have relied on our systems to achieve results that are currently worth billions in sales growth annually.

Success Models with Predictable Results

Modelling success means two things to us. We help clients implement our proven expansion systems alongside access to top business experts for a robust strategy that scales quickly and successfully.

The Most Effective Team Training and Operational Systems

We use proven personality profiling systems to develop team synergy and maximize each member’s potential. This approach streamlines the hiring and training process to reduce friction and accelerate team-wide production. Our method for leveraging the GENIUS of others facilitates efficient business growth with a lower rate of error and less wasted resources for everyone. 

This program is ideal for seven-figure businesses ready to exceed this benchmark. 

The Most Efficient, Productive, & Profitable, Peak Performance Sales Teams In The World

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