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Relentless To Rise

Empower your leadership and personal growth journey with tailored strategies that align your values with your goals, enhancing performance, efficiency, and market standing.

Unleash Your Full Potential

Our mission at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is to work with individuals to enhance their clarity and confidence as fierce, self-motivated, “super-charged” leaders to create the business and life they were born to live.

Your Personal Path to Leadership, Life, & Performance Growth

We work with you from the inside out to harness your CEO frame of mind and develop alignment with your values, strengths, and natural talents, enabling you to move towards your goals with a greater capacity for growth. First, we create a unique definition of what your best life looks like. With that clarity, we establish a vision for your future that aligns with your most powerful self and ambitious goals. Our self-development strategies are paired with clear-cut business strategies that enhance your performance, ensuring you benefit from higher sales, increased efficiency and productivity, and a refined client experience that positions you as the popular market choice.
Our process results in influential communication and leadership abilities that not only build a better business but also lead to a happier life as a family member and friend. Our business strategies support your growth and accountability, enabling you to build a business that fuels your freedom.
  • Become a Clear, Confident, Super-Charged Leader
  • Implement High Performance Strategies to Scale Production
  • Align Your Vision & Values from the Inside-Out
  • Embody Your Inner CEO

Become the Leader Your Future Needs

Become A Clear - Confident - Supercharged Leader

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