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The DISC Profile provides a comprehensive overview of the way people think, act, and interact with their most natural state. It is the most widely used profiling tool of its kind and is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies.


DISC is a simple, proven, intuitive way to gain insight into ourselves and our relationships.

Simply put, a DISC Profile will give you the edge you need to better understand and service your clients, leading to increased conversion and production.

The DISC profile is one of the leading tools that separates Top-Producing Agent performance from Average-Producing Agent performance. Ask yourself the following: “Do I want to be an Agent who shows buyers an average of 50 homes or an Agent who shows buyers an average of 10 homes?” Simply put, Agents who adapt by personality understand what their clients need to make a decision, what they need to move forward, and how to articulate those needs in their clients preferred communication style.
  • Effortlessly lead your clients to a home purchase or sale?
  • Decrease the number of homes you show to get to an offer?
  • Improve your negotiating skills with clients and other agents?
  • Understand how YOU process information and make decisions?
  • Be adaptable to all personality types?
  • Mast the tools of top producers?

The DISC certification course was well presented and highly useful for any realtor who wants to succeed in creating sustaining relationships. Understanding your clients personalities gives you an edge in your daily personal and business relationships. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their business to a different level

Peter Atawo
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