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Our elite trainers and consultants each come with an impressive track record, and combine our proven systems with real-life experience. We provide custom solutions by highly trained experts to ensure you achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.

We offer three levels of business coaching, life coaching, as well as training and development courses.


With certifications in ABNLP NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Human Potential Energetic Life Map (TM), DISC Trainer’s Certification, KBCC DISC Trainers, Mastery Level KBCC Systems Coaches, and extensive knowledge of personality profiling for recruiting, hiring, coaching and training, we offer a unique spectrum of skills to adapt to your needs and inspire results.

The more successful businesses become, the less successful leaders feel – and here’s why.

A successful business hinges on how well-trained each member of the team is. Untrained or partially trained recruits can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, and cost you personally in time and energy.

Businesses are about people. A lack of first-class training can compromise the client experience, causing quality leads to slip through the cracks and to seek superior service elsewhere. High-performance training for team members is best achieved with the precision and mastery found among the top one percent of industry leaders.
This is why we pride ourselves on offering our exclusive training programs to your recruits. For nearly a decade we have perfected our systems to streamline training and successfully transition new recruits to confidently book and attend sales appointments as soon as they have completed our program.

How does this solve the problem? As a team leader, you need to be able to maintain production while expanding your team. Combined with training and mentoring new recruits, highly successful leaders find their workload doubled to over 60 hours per week. This common pitfall is the make or break factor between a thriving business and one that is forced to scale back.

Training systems with predictable results gives business leaders the bandwidth to maintain production while their growing team learns how to match and exceed their results, without becoming overrun by the demands of the business.
We are proud to now offer our exclusive training program to your recruits. Over the last 8 years we have perfected our systems. We have evolved to the point where we have recruits fully prepared and ready to book and attend appointments as soon as they have completed our program.

The Team Leader’s control over an agent’s performance is in direct relation to their ability to teach and the time they commit to training. Training systems with a predictable result, provides the sole power a Team Leader has to ensure a return of their investment from the team.

Coaching & Consulting Services

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching to supercharge your ability to lead, live and perform at full capacity.

Team Coaching

Scale your business with a team that is built to win.

Brokerage Training

Accelerate company growth with training that motivates and educates professionals.

Keynote Speaking

For unforgettable events that elicit personal and professional breakthroughs

DISC Profile Certification

Become an influential leader by leveraging the power of psychology.

Elite Business Builder

Give your business an edge with our signature self-paced training to significantly increase conversion rates

The Most Efficient, Productive, & Profitable, Peak Performance Sales Teams In The World

Harness the Power of the most Efficient, Productive & Profitable system & strategies in the World

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