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Customized Coaching Just for You

Escape cookie-cutter solutions with personalized strategies that focus on your unique challenges and goals, ensuring you receive guidance that’s specifically tailored to your professional journey

Decades of Proven Success

Draw on our 15 years of experience with top-tier real estate professionals and proven systems that have delivered success across 10,000+ businesses.

Holistic High-Performance Coaching

Our holistic coaching approach goes beyond business strategies, enhancing both your professional skills and personal well-being, powered by 20 diverse certifications
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What Do We Do?

We offer expert coaching, training and support, to help you turn your potential into prosperity. Our community of hyperfocused achievers know that a values-first approach in business and in life makes limitless abundance your norm. Whether it’s a training program or a keynote experience, you’ll be supercharged to design life on your terms and create lasting wealth in mind, body and business.

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Our Signature Programs

Proven strategies for optimizing your business’s performance. Understand the importance of analyzing your first 30 leads, appointments, and closed deals to refine your approach and skyrocket your success.

Discover how to avoid the typical mistakes that real estate professionals make when trying to scale their businesses. Learn the importance of targeting the root of problems, not just the symptoms, and why mentorship and proper data tracking are key to your growth.

Meticulously crafted pillars that cover Vision, Performance, Opportunity, Culture, and Data. This comprehensive framework is designed to transform your business from the ground up, aligning your operations with your highest ambitions.

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Ready to map out a clear path to your goals ?

About Kathleen Black Real Estate Training

Meet Your Coach:
Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black is a globally recognized high-performance mindset expert, bestselling author, and transformational speaker. Her holistic approach to leadership and genius mindset training has propelled iconic brands and high-net-worth professionals to billions in additional sales volume. Kathleen is a two-time bestselling author, with “The Top 1% Life” and “Relentless to Rise” inspiring a two-time Emmy-nominated documentary, “The Relentless One,” directed by Emmy Winner M Douglas Silverstein.

She’s received accolades like the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award by the Women’s Economic Forum, Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers by The BUZZ, and “Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate” by REP Magazine, plus “Top 20 Emerging Leader” by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report. Kathleen’s keynote experience guides audiences to unlock success strategies and personal power.

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Real Estate Coaching That Puts You First

We believe that true success in real estate comes from a combination of expert knowledge, strategic planning, and personal development. Our coaching services are tailored to meet you where you are, helping you navigate the complexities of the real estate market in Canada with confidence and ease.

Comprehensive Real Estate Courses in Canada

Our extensive suite of real estate courses covers everything from the basics of starting out in the industry to advanced strategies for scaling your business. Whether you’re in Ontario or anywhere across Canada, our programs are accessible, practical, and designed to yield results.

The Best Real Estate Coaches at Your Service

Learn from top real estate coaches who have walked the path and understand the intricacies of the Canadian real estate market. Our team is committed to providing personalized guidance, ensuring you not only meet but exceed your business and personal goals.

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business and Start Your Real Estate Course?

Join us and discover why we’re recognized as one of the best real estate coaches and trainers in Canada. Let’s build the thriving real estate business you’ve always dreamed of — without the pain that usually comes with growth.

If you’re contemplating the next steps in your real estate career and wondering if you’re prepared for the journey ahead, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is here to guide you. Our real estate coaching services are more than just courses; they are a roadmap to your success.

“Our team has seen unbelievable results since coaching began with Kathleen! Kathleen’s approach to the industry is revolutionary. Everything is made simple which helps keep the team members involved and focused. There’s no question Kathleen knows her stuff! “

Dan Gemus
Top 1% Nationally

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Real Estate Coaching FAQ

A strategic real estate coach guides you through the complexities of the real estate market with tailored advice and actionable strategies. They help identify your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement, then develop a customized plan to elevate your business. This includes optimizing your lead-to-client conversion rates, enhancing your marketing strategies, improving sales techniques, and much more. A strategic coach offers insights into efficient business management and personal growth to ensure long-term success.

Hiring a real estate coach is crucial for anyone looking to accelerate their career growth, increase earnings, and achieve a balanced life. A coach provides expert knowledge, accountability, and support to navigate challenges more effectively. They equip you with the tools and strategies needed to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and stand out in a competitive market. With a coach, you can avoid common pitfalls and fast-track your path to success.

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting offers unparalleled expertise in the real estate coaching industry. Our approach is personalized, data-driven, and results-oriented, focusing on both professional and personal development. With a proven track record of transforming businesses and empowering real estate professionals across Canada, our team ensures you receive the guidance needed to achieve and exceed your goals. Our unique methodologies and comprehensive programs are designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities within the Canadian real estate market.

Selecting the right coaching program depends on your current stage, goals, and challenges. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting offers a range of programs tailored to different needs, from new agents looking to build a strong foundation to experienced professionals aiming to scale their business. We recommend a consultation with our team to assess your specific needs and guide you to the program that best aligns with your objectives, whether it's improving sales performance, team building, or leadership development.

In a real estate coaching session with Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, expect a focused, personalized experience. You'll receive strategic advice, practical tools, and actionable steps tailored to your unique business needs. Sessions often involve goal setting, performance analysis, skill development, and overcoming specific challenges. You'll leave each session with clarity, motivation, and a clear set of actions to propel your business forward.

To maximize the benefits of coaching, come prepared to engage, be open to feedback, and commit to implementing the strategies discussed. Set clear goals, actively participate in sessions, and consistently apply learned techniques in your business. Accountability is key, so track your progress and communicate openly with your coach about successes and areas for improvement. Embrace the process, and be ready to step out of your comfort zone for true growth.

The duration of coaching depends on your individual goals, the complexity of your challenges, and how quickly you implement and adapt to new strategies. Some professionals see significant improvements within a few months, while others benefit from ongoing support as they continue to grow and scale their businesses. It's a personalized journey, and Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is committed to providing support for as long as you need to achieve your desired success.

Getting started with Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is simple. Schedule a complimentary consultation. During this initial meeting, we'll discuss your goals, challenges, and assess which coaching program fits you best. From there, we'll outline the next steps, including program enrollment and scheduling your first coaching session. 

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