How to Train Your Dragon…Part 1 “Administration”

Are you great at your job, but now you need support growing or training other jobs within your organization? 

Since before our grandfathers’ fathers were born, Administration, Sales, Marketing, and Research & Development have been 4 of the main pillars holding up any self-sustaining business! 

When it comes to Real Estate, in my humble opinion, you need a solid foundation to hold up your 4 pillars, and a lot of us are steadily wobbling on 2.

In Real Estate; agents go into instant “sales” mode. Then to get more sales, they start “marketing” or advertising their services. 

It’s fun to have ads go out there with our faces on them, and when we farm an area, some of us secretly love that neighbourhood dominance. 

What always seems to suffer is the less glamorous parts of the biz which is Administration and Research & Development. “Why”, you ask?

Allow me to explain. 

Today I want to get into Administration and why it’s SO important that this not continuously be overlooked. 

For anyone who is DISC trained, you’ll know that sales agents don’t always fall nicely under the admin umbrella. 

Sales agents usually fall under I’s and D’s. These are your Influencers and your dominant doers. They hunt for business, are natural networkers, and close deals with seemingly effortless momentum. Why? Because it’s literally in our genetic make up to do it. 

What we hate doing is … paperwork, data input, monthly reports, KPI’s, anything behind a desk that is monotonous. 

As a high I/D I loath it. I can do it, I did do it, I did it successfully, but secretly I wanted to claw my eyes out every time I had to fill out an MLS data sheet. D’s are a little bit different. They love the data, because it’s fact based, they can make quick decisions based on research and move forward with knowledge. 

However, they’d likely rather pay someone else to do the actual work, because they’re happy to leverage it out  once they’ve risen to a certain level. 

So, what ends up happening is the charmingly aggressive I’s and the dominant doing D’s hire administration assistants, because it’s the only way to take on more volume. 

Where this usually goes awry is that I always want to hire someone like them, because well let’s face it, we think we’re the and D’s typically go for who looks most impressive on paper because they strive for dominance so they always want the best! 

This is where DISC is your new best friend! 

Administration personalities are typically best suited to S’s and C’s. Why? 

S’s love to plan, organize and play by team rules. C’s are analytical, reserved and precise. Which are all amazing qualities to have in someone handling your backend hub!

So, once you’ve found your perfect S/C Administrator, it’s time to start training them. If you’ve never trained an administrator this is where my area of Genius comes in! 

Having been forced through many desk jobs, co-owning my own brokerage and training many many many administrators in the last 15 years I can say without a doubt you HAVE to set them up for success straight out of the gate or you’re going to have a huge mess on your hands.

When I’s and D’s do not follow an orientation system, they fall flat because S’s and C’s don’t speak our language, so we have to learn how to speak theirs. 

We’re pioneers and risk takers. They’re checklister’s and “harmonious vibes only” people. So, you cannot have someone show up on their first day, with no one there, no task lists, no equipment and just have them “figure it out”. They’ll quit on the spot and you might have just lost the best asset to your team.

I laugh because I was hired by a fairly sizable team and on my first day my boss wasn’t there. One of the other agents showed up and gave me a handwritten list of passwords, showed me my desk and said “ok… have fun. I’m out.” It was a ghost town in the office, and I was like… “ok then”. 

Another job I had, the 2 previous people to me had quit, the files were in complete disarray, and I was starting 3 days before the other replacement person was to start and my boss told me to sort through things, and “figure it out” and then come to him with a job proposal on what I thought I should do, and what the other person should do. Neat. 

So, if you’ve reached a certain point in your revenue and volume, and you’re ready to grow you need to hire an administrator. Here are a few key points you should consider:

  1. Orientation Day – make sure all people on your team are present the day the new admin arrives. This way you can do a friendly introduction, let them know what that person does and to what level they will be interacting with them. Also, a great time to organize a team lunch or one on one to get to know each other and how each other prefers to work. 
  2. Passwords/Logins – Make sure your new admin has an email address, access to your platforms, login information to any of the systems they will be using. Contact your local board as well to see if they can get admin access to the system that you are using. Ex. Matrix
  3. System Integration – Introduce them to Matrix, Stratus, Geowarehouse, Webforms, your CRM. Have them watch the tutorial videos.
  4. Vocabulary Lesson – this seems ridiculous to us, but if you start saying things like APS, CMA, BRA, Fintrac, they will think that you’re speaking another language like “Acronynease”. (Hot tip: if you kept your Transaction General Book, you can let them read it, the Glossary comes in handy too)
  5.  Flow of a File – If your administrator has NEVER worked in Real Estate or owned a home, this is paramount! You want to break down what happens on the Buyers side/Sellers’ side so they understand who does what, when, how and why. 

There are many more steps to training your admin. On average it takes about 3 weeks for full training and roughly 2-3 months before the growing pains stop. But the more you treat your administration like an investment and part of the family the happier you are going to be in the long run. 

Your Admin will become the person you rely on to keep you going on all 4 cylinders at all times. If you’re interested in learning more about our KBCC admin training processes please contact Stacey Green for more info! 

Stay tuned for How to Train your Dragon Part 2 – “Sales”.

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