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Kathleen Black on Minimum Standards to Reach Summits [FUBCON Session]

Explore key strategies for real estate team success with Kathleen Black in this insightful FUBCON session. Learn about the importance of standards, team dynamics, overcoming growth obstacles, and the value of self-awareness for leaders. Get practical advice for starting your own team, focusing on efficient use of resources. Join us for a deep dive into enhancing team performance and leadership in the real estate industry

Listen to this Session of Team OS with Kathleen Black

“This FUBCON Session of Real Estate Team OS features Kathleen Black, CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching.Her team coaches and consults high-performing leaders and teams across industries, including real estate.”

About this Fubcon Session with kathleen Black

In a compelling session led by Kathleen Black, the CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching, viewers are treated to an in-depth exploration of strategies for high-performing leaders and teams, with a keen focus on the real estate sector. Kathleen delves into the critical importance of establishing and adhering to high standards within a team, arguing that such standards should be so deeply embedded that they become almost instinctual. She highlights a common shortfall in many teams: a lack of minimum standards, and underscores the significant role these standards play in a team’s success.

The discussion further navigates through the dynamics of real estate teams, contrasting the benefits and challenges faced by both large and small teams. Kathleen suggests that the current market conditions are poised to refine the operations of both types of teams, implying that adaptability and strategic planning are key to thriving. She also touches upon the hurdles team leaders encounter along their growth journey, pinpointing where they often get stuck and offering insights into overcoming these obstacles.

Kathleen places a strong emphasis on the value of self-awareness, both for personal development and for enhancing the effectiveness of one’s team. She shares her own journey towards practicing what she preaches, admitting that aligning her actions with her teachings has been a process of growth. For agents contemplating the formation of their own teams, Kathleen provides practical advice focusing on the judicious management of time, energy, and money, aspects critical to the successful establishment and scaling of a team.

The session wraps up with a personal anecdote from Kathleen, where she discusses her preference for experiences over material possessions, albeit with a nod to her Porsche, which she views as a symbol of achieving a balance between the two. This engaging session not only offers valuable insights into team leadership and growth within the real estate industry but also reflects Kathleen’s holistic approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of personal development and strategic foresight in achieving professional success.

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