Kathleen Black in DOLCE EMPOWERING WOMEN Inaugural List!

Kathleen Black, featured as a Dolce Empowering Woman, celebrating excellence and entrepreneurial spirit in Dolce's inaugural class. Inspiring stories of intelligence, beauty, and determination

Dolce is honoured to introduce its inaugural class of “Dolce Empowering Women,” featuring individuals like Kathleen Black, who stand out for their passion and excellence in various sectors.

Significant Contributions In Her Field

This initiative celebrates the remarkable blend of intelligence, beauty, and entrepreneurial spirit among women who have made significant contributions to their fields while embracing the essence of la dolce vita. These women, including mothers, sisters, and granddaughters, exemplify the belief that life becomes truly beautiful when one actively shapes it to reflect the change they wish to see in the world. They serve as role models, teaching the value of visionary ideas, education, professional development, and the resilience required to overcome challenges.

Kathleen Black, recognized as a Dolce Empowering Woman, embodies these principles through her exceptional work and influence. Her feature in this prestigious class underscores her significant achievements and serves as an inspiration for aspiring women everywhere.

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Kathleen Black

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