Crafting Your Future Self: Podcast

In this episode of The Freedom CEO Podcast, I delve into how writing letters to my future self became a crucial part of shaping my success. I'll discuss my transformation from chaos to a calm, strategic mindset and share insights on overcoming imposter syndrome. Join me to learn how you can achieve a thriving business with less stress.

About the episode:

  • [01:19] Introducing Kathleen Black
  • [04:43] Kathleen Black’s Story
  • [09:04] What Was The Defining Moment When You Changed Your Trajectory
  • [12:44] What Advice Would You Give On How to Turn Pain Into Purpose?
  • [16:31] How Do You Craft Your Vision?
  • [20:51] How Often Do You Revisit Your Letter to Your Future Self?
  • [22:46] The Journey From Chaos to Calm
  • [26:53] Success Doesn’t Need to be Chaotic
  • [30:06] Business Should Be Successful and Fun
  • [32:39] How Do You Navigate Imposter Syndrome?
  • [37:56] Being Goals Instead of Achieving Goals.
  • [40:15] What Are Your Thoughts on AI?
  • [43:56] The Kathleen Black Summit
  • [46:17] How Has Taking Ownership Over Your Decisions Brought You Freedom

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