9 Rising Real Estate Teams To Watch For Fall 2023

In real estate, having the right team by your side can make all the difference. Whether you’re buying, selling, or a solo agent ready to collaborate with other professionals, aligning with top real estate agents and teams can mean the journey to success is not just smoother, but also more profitable.

We would know.

Since we specialize in training and developing top-producing, high-performance team cultures, we usually have insider perspectives on who the up-and-coming industry icons are in real estate. In 2023 we’ve welcomed a group of exceptional real estate teams to Kathleen Black’s Industry Icons roster who stand out for their commitment to excellence, expert advice, and their drive to secure the best deals for their clients.

Our Industry Icons teams are notably the best real estate teams to work with in North America. With names like The Heddle Group, The Broddick Team, Ohs Marketing Team, John Hripko Team and so many more National Top 1% producers, our new additions to the roster are in the company of ultra-achievers, poised to bring you the best in the real estate.

Whether you’re a new home buyer, seller, or a solo agent seeking a promising team to join forces with, here’s why the leaders on this list are worth watching. 

Top Quality Client Care: Making Your Experience Effortless

Imagine working with real estate professionals who understand that your time is valuable. The teams we’re spotlighting have honed their systems to perfection, ensuring you receive top-quality care every step of the way. Chasing your agent for updates or listings can cost you the sale; these teams have been coached to implement rigorous data tracking and follow-up systems that proactively keep you in the loop.

They excel at finding the best listings tailored to your preferences, leveraging advanced marketing strategies to showcase your property effectively, and submitting offers that position you competitively in the market. With these teams, the stress of staying on top of every detail is a thing of the past.

 A Network of Real Estate Titans Tapped Into Expert Advice

The agents on our list don’t just rely on their individual expertise; they have access to a global network of world-class leaders who have amassed decades of success in the real estate industry. This invaluable collaboration ensures that they remain at the forefront of industry innovations, armed with best practices and expert perspectives that directly benefit you, the client.

Their ability to leverage this wealth of knowledge means you’ll receive advice that’s not only tailored to your unique needs but also backed by a collective wealth of experience. Your real estate journey is guided by the best minds in the field, ensuring your decisions are well-informed and strategically sound.

Competitive Deal Closers: Securing Your Success

Success in real estate often hinges on negotiations. The teams we’re celebrating in 2023 understand this fundamental truth and invest heavily in their education, coaching, and development. Equipped with the best strategies for negotiating, they’re relentless in pursuing deals that not only benefit you but put you ahead of the competition.

These agents aren’t just transactional; they’re strategic deal closers who ensure that every negotiation is a step toward your success. When you partner with these teams, you’re not just closing deals—you’re securing opportunities that set you on a profitable path.

*For solo agents looking for the right teams to partner with, you’ll want to keep those on this list on your radar. These teams model successful business-building strategies and leadership that accelerate their agents’ career growth.

Elevate Your Real Estate Career with Empowered Teams

If you’re a solo agent seeking to amplify your real estate career, aligning with the right team can elevate your success beyond imagination. The teams highlighted here understand that true collaboration extends beyond recruitment; it’s about creating an environment where each team member thrives and contributes value.

Compensation Structures that Work: Maximizing Your Potential

Gone are the days when a simple 50/50 split defined your potential profits. The teams on our roster have cracked the code for designing compensation structures that prioritize your growth and financial success. They recognize that a well-designed compensation plan motivates team members to perform at their best, leading to higher earnings, greater joy and increased career satisfaction.

High-Value Collaboration and Empowering Leadership

Empowered leadership isn’t just a phrase for these teams—it’s a way of life. They operate with a team-wide priority of creating a collaborative environment where every member is valued and their contributions are recognized. It’s not about one-sided transactions; it’s about fostering an exchange of value where every team member benefits.

Honouring Your Unique Genius to Unleash Your Potential

Joining a real estate team should empower your highest potential, not slow you down. Industry Icons teams value your unique genius as your biggest asset. They encourage you to bring your individual talents and strengths to the table, amplifying what makes you exceptional. Your energy is directed toward areas where you excel, contributing to both your growth and the team’s success.

Investment in Excellence

If your team leader won’t invest in their business, how will they invest in you? The teams on this list take that philosophy to heart, proudly investing in best-in-class training and support for every team member. They recognize that by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, they’re nurturing a collective success that benefits everyone involved.

In a world where real estate success requires expert guidance, strategic negotiation skills, and a collaborative environment, the teams on this list stand out as the best real estate teams to work with for their commitment to high-performance development. Their commitment to quality care, expert advice, and empowering leadership ensures that when you align with them, you’re not just buying or selling—you’re embarking on a journey toward unparalleled success.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best rising Canadian real estate teams to work with in 2023. We’re thrilled to welcome these outstanding professionals to our Industry Icons roster and to coach their teams towards even greater, unparalleled success. 

 Jo-Anne Davies & Team – Davies & Co. – Top 2% Royal LePage REALTORS

Jo-Anne’s first year in Real Estate started by selling 25 homes and winning ‘Rookie of the Year’. Over the past six years, Jo-Anne has set herself apart as an award-winning Realtor and built a reputation for being a savvy businesswoman through her commitment to client satisfaction, results-driven negotiation and doing whatever it takes to help her clients achieve their goals.

Gianna & Mary Ann Schiralli – Schiralli Team, RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

Meet Gianna Schiralli – real estate Broker and partner at the Schiralli Team. The daughter of Mary Ann Schiralli, Gianna inherited an authentic and natural aptitude for real estate.  

Gianna is a “high touch” Broker who understands the market, the economics of buying and selling, and how to leverage all the tools available to get the desired results for her clients. Gianna focuses on all housing types in Oakville, the west GTA as well as condo/home sales in Toronto. 

With over half of a billion dollars in career sales – The Schiralli Team are recognized as leaders in the industry.

Scott Moulton & Jacqui Rostek Holder – Platinum Group, Top 1% Royal LePage Canada

Co-founded by Scott Moulton and Jacqui Rostek Holder, The Platinum Group Halifax is proudly part of Royal LePage Atlantic’s Top 1% of producing real estate teams nationally.

The partnership between owners Jacqui and Scott has grown organically based on aligned ethics, professionalism, and mutual success.

Today, their group has grown, effectively connecting with buyers and sellers across the HRM with the heaviest concentration in Bedford, Clayton Park, and Downtown Halifax. Their commitment to their clients and their satisfaction is unprecedented, their experience and results are unparalleled.

Rob Marland & Team – The Marland Team, Royal LePage Performance Marland Realty, Top 1% Realtors Royal LePage Canada

Rob Marland understands the importance of good communication and teamwork. As an Olympic Gold Medal winner on the 1992 Canadian National Rowing Team, he also learned the benefits of hard work. These are the qualities that set Rob apart from the rest. 

Rob and Jane Forsyth are the two full time Realtors who work closely together on all client files. You will always be able to reach one of them to discuss your real estate needs. Together, they can help you understand the current market and exactly what it will take to sell your home and/or buy the home of your dreams.

Saurabh Sur & Team – Team Sur Real Estate, Top 2% Nationally, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. 

Saurabh and Siddarth Sur specialize in connecting buyers with premium pre-construction home options and real estate investments. 

John Hripko & Team – John Hripko Real Estate Team, Top 1% of Realtors in Canada, Royal LePage Benchmark.  

John Hripko is a highly accomplished and respected real estate professional in the Calgary and surrounding area. As the founder of the John Hripko and Partners Real Estate Team, he has over 39 years of experience in the industry. The National Association of Realtors has ranked John in the Top 1% of  North American realtors annually since 1991, and he is also recognized as one of the 31 inaugural members of the Chairman’s Hall of Fame, awarded to those realtors who exemplify exceptional work and outstanding achievements, community involvement and philanthropy. 

As Calgary’s relocation expert working with 64 international relocation companies, John has assisted hundreds of relocating clients across a wide range of market values to successfully navigate the process of buying and selling.

Jane Thuet – Inner Circle Group 

Whitby-based Realtor, Jane Thuet, is proud to be part of a dynamic team of professionals at Royal LePage Frank Real Estate. Awarded the Walter Frank “Rookie of the Year Award” in her first year in real estate, Jane has been presented with the Royal LePage President’s Gold Award every year since, representing the top 6 -10 percentile of Realtors in her marketplace. In 2016, Jane was presented with the Royal LePage Director’s Platinum Award representing the Top 5 percentile of Realtors in her marketplace.

Jane and her team at Inner Circle Group are committed to community-wide excellence. Their practice thrives on service and collaboration with community efforts, like food drives, soup kitchens, local business spotlights and local events that enrich the neighbourhoods their clients live in. 

Devin Jahelka & Team- Jahelka Real Estate Group, Royal LePage Nanaimo Realty

Devin is a rare breed in the real estate industry. An innovator at heart, as co-founder of the Jahelka Real Estate Group, he has (quietly) re-engineered the delivery of Real Estate advisory services on Central Vancouver Island, rightly putting the focus back on you, the Jahelka Real Estate Group’s valued clients. 

Under his leadership and values-driven, high-performance advisory approach, the Jahelka Real Estate Group has quickly established its reputation as a trusted leader in Real Estate advisory and development project marketing services on Central Vancouver Island. This unique advisory approach was certainly well received in the marketplace, as it took just 3 years for the Jahelka Real Estate Group to rank as #1* team at one of the larger brokerage offices on Vancouver Island, with the team more recently spending the past 5 consecutive years named as a Top 3 Agent in Nanaimo by ThreeBestRated.ca following their independent 50-point review.

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