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For ambitious high-achievers. We help real estate agents, teams and entrepreneurs scale their business with sustainable certified systems.

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Are you putting endless hours into your business and getting nowhere?

You find yourself with no personal life, struggling to keep up, feeling burned out, and watching your life fall apart. Despite all the effort, you’re not seeing the results you hoped for and are unsure where to turn next. The dream of owning your own business isn’t what you thought it was. You want to reignite your passion and love what you do again.

We help you design life on your terms and create lasting wealth in mind, body, and business.

Does this sound like you?

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Best Life

With expert coaching, training, and support, we help you turn your potential into prosperity. Our community of hyperfocused achievers knows that a values-first approach in business and life makes limitless abundance your norm. Whether it’s a training program or a keynote experience, you’ll be supercharged to design life on your terms and create lasting wealth in mind, body and business.

Because you deserve the best.

Customized Coaching Just for You

Escape cookie-cutter solutions with personalized strategies that focus on your unique challenges and goals, ensuring you receive guidance that’s specifically tailored to your professional journey

Decades of Proven Success

Draw on our 15 years of experience with top-tier real estate professionals and proven systems that have delivered success across 10,000+ businesses.

Holistic High-Performance Coaching

Our holistic coaching approach goes beyond business strategies, enhancing both your professional skills and personal well-being, powered by 20 diverse certifications

How We Help

Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching to supercharge your ability to lead, live and perform at full capacity.

Team Coaching

Scale your business with a team that is built to win.  

Elite Business Builder

Give your business an edge with our signature self-paced training to significantly increase conversion rates.

Keynote Speaking

For unforgettable events that elicit personal and professional breakthroughs

DISC Profile Certification

Become an influential leader by leveraging the power of psychology.

Brokerage Training

Accelerate company growth with training that motivates and educates professionals

Our Programs

Our elite trainers and consultants each come with an impressive track record, and combine our proven systems with real-life experience. We provide custom solutions by highly trained experts to ensure you achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.

We offer three levels of business coaching, life coaching, as well as training and development courses.

Industry Icons

For teams and solopreneurs ready to grow. This program aims to help buyers or listing agents, develop contracts and commission structures.

Relentless To Rise

This foundational tier is designed to establish a strong business foundation for solo entrepreneurs covering vision, values, goals, and lead generation.

Top 1%

The “Top 1%” program is for solopreneurs starting to expand into admin functions with a focus on CRM optimization, recruiting and general management.

Get Proven, Predictable, Results Fast.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Unleash your full potential

Empower your leadership and personal growth journey with tailored strategies to enhance performance, efficiency, and market standing.

About Us

Kathleen Black Inc. is one of North America’s leading high-performance business and mindset coaching companies, pioneering a holistic approach to professional development and team training for 15 years. Kathleen Black’s expert team of certified coaches and program designers are dedicated to helping clients achieve top one percent success using proprietary systems that have guided iconic brands and high-net-worth individuals to add billions in sales annually.

We are driven by a mission to redefine success and help entrepreneurs discover what’s possible in life and business.


Why Kathleen Black

Your business is unlike anyone elses. It’s built on your personal values, your unique gifts, and your own inspired mission. The Kathleen Black approach is never one-size-fits all. We help you implement proven foundations that work in current market conditions. Our certified systems support top performers in yielding billions of dollars in annual real estate sales, giving even the greenest industry newcomers the roadmap to producing top 1% sales per year – in spite of tough economies.

We specialize in business building, real estate coaching and team development. Our customized programs are trusted by iconic brands like Century 21 and Royal LePage to guide professionals of all experience levels to elevated success.

Our keynote experiences are guaranteed to motivate and inspire audiences from coast to coast. With a variety of topics to choose from, Kathleen Black keynotes are a first choice to foster alignment, conscious leadership and to educate business professionals across any industry.

The Future Of Real Estate

Improve Your Bottom Line

The Future Of Real Estate

Improve Your Bottom Line

We Have The Expert For You

Scale your business with purpose and passion

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting


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The Future Of Real Estate

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